Yes, it is absolutely true - and we're thrilled to share the news!

Tongabezi and Green Safaris got married at the weekend!

The Green Safaris and Tongabezi teams spent much of 2019 getting to know each other. Rather regrettably there was a distinct lack of candlelight suppers and staring wistfully into each other’s eyes, but we enjoyed it nonetheless! 

A little over a year later we are really happy to announce that we proposed and Tongabezi accepted! 

We are now married and looking forward to a very happy future together! 

This is a non-announcement really. Our marriage with Tongabezi means business as usual. Rudy and the Parker family who created Tongabezi all stay in place, as do the rest of the very happy and successful team. The signature style that we know and love is safe. The coming together of our two Companies was very much a part of the late Ben Parker’s plan and we look forward to sharing some of our Green Eco know-how with Tongabezi. 

Daniel Allcock, Managing Director at Green Safaris said: “You know, on your wedding day every husband thinks their wife is perfect but for me, Tongabezi and Green Safaris are just another level. We both have a slightly quirky outlook on what makes for great hospitality and we both share the desire to reduce the environmental footprint of tourism. Our coming together means we can now offer even more life-changing experiences, life-changing for our guests and for our communities."

But wait, that is not it! Read on, as we have more!

We are also delighted to announce a range of all new flight options provided in conjunction with SkyTrails Zambia, to get you around Zambia’s special places quickly and cost-effectively. 

Moving around Zambia’s incredible National Parks in search of the perfect, off the beaten track, safari has traditionally had so many precious hours (and dollars) spent on internal flights in and out of Lusaka. Green Safaris look to change that so to attract more passionate people to come and see why a Zambian safari is the first choice for anyone, whether they be an experienced safari hand or looking for their first ever safari experience.

Dog House
Bird's Nest at Night
Chalet One
Ila safari lodge
  • If you are drawn to visiting the mighty Victoria Falls followed by a safari experience where the animals far outnumber the visitors and the bush is raw wilderness, then Zambia is certainly one to consider. 

    We suggest you start off staying at Tongabezi and experiencing Victoria Falls before flying direct (1hr) to Ila Safari Lodge in the central Kafue National Park. The keen beans leave at sparrows to arrive in time for a morning game drive, those wanting R&R can sleep in and get there in time for lunch. At Ila Safari Lodge we will introduce you to your first Silent Safari experiences, on the water with our solar boat and on land with our electric game viewer. 
  • Leaving Ila Safari Lodge, you take a 15-minute flight to the Busanga Plains and the renowned Chisa Busanga Camp, aka “the Birds Nest”. Outside of deserts and oceans, this is one of the few places in the world where you can see to the horizon. Red Lechwe leap in huge numbers over the maze of river tributaries, chased by Lion, Leopard, Cheetah, and a growing density of Wild Dog. Safaris here are all on electric vehicles and for those wanting a bit more action, electric mountain bikes.

    After your Kafue experience, you fly straight to Lusaka and onwards to South Luangwa National Park, the birthplace of walking safaris. Here we continue the electric game drives and for those who want it, a little more exercise with some morning walks accompanied by the great Jacob Shawa.

Tongabezi Hangout and Lookout

For 2020 only, a 14-night stay following this journey with an extension to stop in at Malawi for some beach R&R at the end can be enjoyed all in for just $9,922 (including park fees and connecting flights but excluding your international flights). This works out at $710 per person per night, taking you to Victoria Falls, the central Kafue, Busanga Plains, South Luangwa & the Nsefu Sector before finishing up on the beach at Kaya Mawa. For those with a little less time a 7-day Kafue National Park experience starting at Tongabezi and finishing in Lusaka comes in at $5,770.

A picture tells a thousand words and we think you will find this short flick book – here – tells the story of this incredible Zambian experience very nicely.