Sustaining nature

At Green Safaris we don’t believe it’s good enough just to claim we are ‘eco-friendly’. We take being green very seriously. We strive to operate in the most sustainable way, using ‘green’ technology where-ever possible to reduce our footprint. Next to our green ethos, we are dedicated to support conservation and community development.

We actively support many conservation projects around our lodges and have initiated several groundbreaking community development projects, in which we will gladly involve our guests.

Green Tech

We take pride of being at the forefront of sustainable technology to minimise our footprint.




We have developed the very first electrical game-drive vehicle for silent safaris.



We operate an eBoat on the Kafue river and eQuad-bikes on Likoma island.


Solar system

We harness the sun’s energy to generate electricity

Ila Safaris Lodge Development

Sandbag building reinvented

Ila safari lodge

Certified by Heritage

The Environmental Management Company



Best Eco Lodge of Zambia
In 2016, Ila Safari Lodge has been awarded Best Eco Lodge of Zambia

Best ecologically responsible lodge
Kaya Mawa 3rd best ecologically responsible lodge


We are driven by our passion to preserve the most pristine areas of African nature, hence we do our utmost to operate our lodges in the most sustainable way.


With conservation as one of our key missions, we have setup a dedicated organization, the Green Safaris Conservation Foundation, which actively supports a variety of conservation organizations active in our areas.

Grantees in 2018 are:

We take great pride in educating our guests and where-ever possible actively involve them in these conservation related activities, whilst visiting our lodges.

Game Rangers International Fire Fighting Unit
The Foundation has sponsored the purchase of a fire-fighting unit, to be used in controlling the massive wild-fires that often start in the Kafue National Park and can damage large areas if not controlled. The operating costs of the unit will be carried by several lodge-operators in central Kafue. The project has started in 2018 and will be ongoing.

The Foundation has sponsored a pilot project developed by a Dutch tech collective, dedicated to improve the monitoring of poaching activity through-out the Kafue National Park, both as a deterrent and as a means to increase the effectivity of law-enforcement. The pilot has been co-sponsored by the WWF Netherlands Inno Fund.

Panthera Radio Network
The Foundation has sponsored the deployment of a new digital radio system to provide radio coverage to improve anti-poaching and law enforcement activities across central Kafue National Park, managed by Panthera Wild Cat Conservation Zambia ltd, an NGO dedicated to the conservation of cats. The project has been co-sponsored by the Segre Foundation. The project started and has been completed in 2018.

The Zambian Carnivore Project - Base Station
The Foundation has sponsored the Zambian Carnivore Project (ZCP)  in the Kafue National Park. ZCP is a non profit Zambian registered trust dedicated to conserving large carnivores and the eco-systems they reside in. The base-camp will ensure ZCP can continue its activities from central Kafue all year round. The project has started in 2018 and is expected to be completed in 2019.

Community Development

We actively support a variety of local community development projects



The Katundu Workshop

We continue to support a community workshop at Kaya Mawa, to produce stunning artcraft from recycled materials.

community farm

Ila community farm

The Foundation has supported the setup of a community farm, just outside the gate of the Kafue National Park in Zambia. The land has been provided by the local Chiefteness, and the Foundation has sponsored the seeds, a solar powered irrigation system, tools and the training of > 10 women from the local community in farming. It now procuces most of the vegetables for Ila Safari Lodge and othger organizations within the National Park. Hence decreasing the transport cost of getting vegetables from town, and creating sustainable new jobs. The project started in 2016 and has the target to become completely self supporting by 2020.


Tujatane School

The Tongabezi Trust School was set up by Vanessa Parker, who was previously teaching as a volunteer in Livingstone. Vanessa is the wife of Ben, who established Tongabezi in 1990 together with the late William Ruck-Keene.

Tujatane has grown from a pre-school class of 15 children, to a primary school with over 240 students. The school has charity status in the UK and is completely funded on donations. Apart from the first classroom, which Tongabezi built, the development of the school has been made possible through the generous sponsorship of donors all over the world. These donations range from individual child sponsorship, teacher sponsorship, help with our food programme, medical programme to building projects.

It takes a community to provide good education and in our Tongabezi/ Tujatane community everyone plays a part.

Tujatane School

Mukuni Community

Teaching is vital for everything and teachers build the future not only by imparting knowledge but also because they teach habits and morals and help students to discover their unique skills. It is therefore key to have the best teachers possible and Tongabezi is committed to bringing better qualified teachers to our communities through the provision of quality housing.

Building on our reputation of putting our money where our mouth is and a superb standing in the teaching community through Tujatane the Tongabezi Trust School we have extended the reach of our involvement through donating 10% of proceeds from Livingstone Island to build houses for Mukuni village teachers.

It is a basic fact that better housing attracts higher qualified teachers and the three bedroom houses that we build are considered excellent teacher accommodation and having the desired effect of making the schools in this area more attractive to teachers. The first house was handed over to Mukuni high school during December of 2010, and to date 13 houses have been built, along with a water tank and pump to supply the village.

In the future we aim to build 2 houses a year and once enough teachers' accommodation has been completed the project will move onto designing and building classrooms.

Everything starts with a teacher... so Tongabezi is starting with the teacher in order to guarantee that the future will hold better parents, great businessmen, wise politicians, eco-friendly engineers, more inspirational teachers and ultimately a kinder world.

"The great teachers fill you up with hope and shower you with a thousand reasons to embrace all aspects of life."
- Pat Conroy